Here’s what parents and former students have to say:

“Sending our daughter to Saint Catherine Labouré was one of the most positive and academically beneficial gifts we could have given her as parents. She had been struggling in the public school socially, and decided she wanted to return to SCL after leaving after Kindergarten. She was welcomed back with open arms and began to truly excel in every aspect.

“We love this school because of the personal attention given to each and every child, focusing on their strengths and gently guiding them through their challenges. At SCL our daughter was able to play any sport she was interested in, which allowed her to try soccer, volleyball and basketball. Academically, she entered high school very prepared for the rigorous demands, and received a scholarship for having the highest incoming entrance score. We are grateful to have found this little hidden gem of a school, and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the loving, giving and caring environment that encompasses SCL. GO CRUSADERS !!!

~ Traecey Scanlon, mother of Isabella, (SCL Class of ’11)

“SCL isn’t just a school, it’s a family. My son has had teachers who connect with him so they can help him reach his full potential, not just academic, but in his personal growth. Smaller class sizes have allowed teachers to work closer with him to prepare him to lead a good Christian life. Relationships he’s built not only within his grade, but throughout the school, will hopefully lead to a lifetime of good friends and great memories. We couldn’t be happier with the teachers and staff at SCL.

~ Kevin Patton, father of Brendan (SCL Class of ’21)

“Looking back at my time at St. Catherine Labouré School, I feel that SCL shaped me into the person who I am today. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today if it were not for the caring teachers, encouraging classmates, and the wonderful SCL community that have helped and supported me throughout my life.”

– Matthew Fox (SCL Class of ‘08)

“St. Catherine Labouré provides an excellent foundation for its students. My experience here has lead to success not only in high school, but also in college.

~ Michael Fox (SCL Class of ’09)

“My experiences at St. Catherine Labouré School have made me the person I am today, from every faculty member helping me to reach my fullest potential to classmates that will remain life long friends.”

~ Daniel Fox (SCL Class of ’10)

“Choosing SCL School for our son was the best decision we have made in investing in his future. This experience for him and our family has enhanced our lives. He has grown from a young child to an amazing young man. SCL has given him the tools to go out in this world and truly make a difference. Our son is compassionate, intelligent, appreciative and happy, all due to the influence of SCL.

“The teachers are the very best!! They make every child feel like they are special. They push to get the very best from all of the kids. They CARE!! They treat your child like they were their own with great expectations and encouragement.

“The principal, vice principal, and office staff are amazing. You are welcome and any concerns or questions are immediately addressed. You become family at SCL and you feel it everyday. “Giving your child the gift of an education at SCL is an investment in your child’s and your family’s future. “God is good all the time at SCL.

~ Anna Christ, mother of John (SCL Class of ’16)

“I remember thinking some of my teachers were being mean because they pushed me to do more and wouldn’t accept less than my best. Instead, I now realize how much I was being prepared to push myself and do my best everyday.” — Brendan Fontillas (SCL Class of ’13)

“St. Catherine Labourė prepared me for more than just high school. I was just accepted to my first choice university!”

~ Ryan Fontillas (SCL Class of ‘11)

We love sending our kids to a school where they are lifted up but also pushed to do their best. This year we will graduate our third of four children and are confident he’ll do just as well as our older two sons have done in high school. Our youngest has a few more years to go and with all the positive additions to the school, we believe she will be more than ready to take on any challenges that come her way. Amazing school, really prepares kids for the next phases of their lives. HS teachers always comment how well our kids are doing and attribute that to SCL. Go Crusaders.

~ The Fontillas Family (parents of 4 SCL students)

“You are truly a Parish of United Nations!”

~Cardinal Blasé Cupich