St. Catherine Labouré Student Life

At St. Catherine Labouré School, we provide many extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities to help students become well rounded learners.

Special Classes


The regular curriculum at SCL includes instruction in special content areas for all students several times each week. We offer Music, Physical Education, Spanish, and Art classes to all students in grades PK-3 through 8th and Technology classes to students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade. We develop our students’ knowledge and abilities in these areas to create a wide-range of educational experiences for all children.

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Clubs at SCL


Throughout the year, we offer a rotating assortment of activities that encompass a wide variety of interests. Teachers will design Mini-Courses such as the Cooking and Crafts Club, Lego Club, and Chess Club. We form outside partnerships to bring local organizations into SCL, making participation easy.

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Because education includes the physical in addition to the academic and spiritual, SCL offers a wide-ranging Sports program. Students learn the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, self-discipline, and responsibility while representing their school. The SCL Crusaders compete against other Catholic schools and in intra-school competitions. Our school is fortunate to have a beautiful gym and extensive outdoor sports fields.

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