Mrs. Shannon Bannon

St. Catherine Labouré School offers a full day Kindergarten program, designed to meet the needs of each student. Our program incorporates developmental experiences while focusing on academics, as well. All students are encouraged to make meaningful connections between prior learning and new learning experiences, as they grow to understand our world.

In all areas of the curriculum, students are encouraged to express themselves, ask questions, be creative, engage in critical thinking, and participate in a variety of learning experiences. Kindergarten provides happy learners with a curriculum that consists of the following:


Our Kindergarten program nurture’s each child’s relationship with Jesus. Through prayer, song, and actions, children are called to live out their discipleship among their peers, families, and community.


The Kindergarten Math program develops problem solving strategies and mathematical concepts through a variety of hands-on manipulatives. Our math curriculum includes: counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, identifying even and odd numbers, comparing objects, and learning addition and subtraction facts. Patterns, place value, telling time, counting coins, describing geometric figures, and solving basic problems are an integral part of math at this level. Students also use a calendar, read temperature, measure various objects, and interpret and construct simple graphs. Problem solving, communication and critical thinking are incorporated in all content areas in our math curriculum.


Kindergarteners are exposed to a rich content of literary works. Kindergarten students engage in a variety of activities that help them develop their oral language, reading and listening skills. These skills help them to begin to read and write. Our Reading curriculum includes: Listening to theme based stores, identifying, learning and practicing reading skills, creating a variety of individual and classroom books, and concentrating on word families.


Kindergarten students engage in a basic Phonics program that develops and strengthens letter recognition and sounds. Language development experiences introduce students to become readers and writers.

Language Arts:

Our program offers the following: reading, interpreting, and comprehending a variety of literary works, effective listening, communicating ideas, and incorporating some of these ideas into writing.


Kindergarteners are instructed to print both letters and numbers correctly.


With the help of our Phonics program, students attach meaning to letters, sounds, and words and learn multiple strategies for identifying words. Understanding letter sounds, gives students the background needed to learn the writing process. Kindergarten follows Writing Workshop that offers the tools and strategies young children need to become successful writers.

Social Studies:

The Kindergarten Social Studies program explores the basic principles of citizenship and communities. Activities are integrated with language and reading skills. Further emphasis is placed on our countries celebrations and Famous Americans.


The Kindergarten Science curriculum consists of three main areas: Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Life Science consists of plants, animals, and how plants and animals work together. Earth Science consists of soil, rocks, landforms, bodies of water and caring for our Earth by recycling and reusing resources. Lastly, Physical Science consists of exploring the different states of matter as solid, liquid, and gas. Motion is also explored by identifying how things move.


In addition to the above curriculum, Kindergarteners attend Computer, Gym, and Music classes twice a week. Other special classes include: Spanish and Art.