Ms. Lori Prokopiak

Your Content Goes HereWelcome to the fifth grade home page. Fifth grade is a time of many firsts. It is the first time the students can play on a school sports team. It is the first time they can be altar servers. It is the first time they can enter the “Character Counts” essay contest. Fifth graders are enthusiastic, creative learners and generous, caring people.

Curriculum Overview


Religion is a very important part of our curriculum. We go to Mass together as a school every Wednesday morning. Besides learning about Jesus, His message, and the Sacraments, we also practice our faith by forming a caring community in the classroom. We will take part in service projects and lead specific prayer services. Students will also be given the option to become volunteer altar servers.


In fifth grade math, students should have their multiplication facts through twelve memorized. Topics covered throughout the year include number sense, measurement & statistics, decimals, fractions, and geometry.


Reading is important not only to help the students become better readers, but also more accomplished writers. We will read selected passages in our Explore text and in novels throughout the year that focus on various themes. Reading strategies such as inferring, self-monitoring, questioning, summarizing and making connections will be a consistent part of our curriculum. There will also be a strong emphasis on building student’s comprehension and finding textual evidence to support their thoughts. The Wordly Wise 3000 workbook will be used to enhance each student’s vocabulary. These workbook pages will be completed in class, and at home. Each lesson will take 1-2 weeks to complete, ending with a test. Students will also complete monthly book reports and will maintain a reading response journal.

English and Writing:

Grammar will be reviewed each morning with Daily Oral Language (D.O.L). We will focus on many different types of writing: articles, stories, essays, etc. In our writing, students will use correct grammar, as well as the Writing Process (Prewriting, Drafting, Revising, Editing, and Publishing) to aid. Students will do a few drafts of their pieces before completing their final copy.


At the beginning of each week, the students will learn the new spelling pattern presented in the unit. The unit is due on Thursday each week, and the test will be given on Fridays.


Fifth grade Science is broken down into three different units: Life Science, Earth Science & Physical Science. Life Science focuses on the characteristics of living things and their environment. Earth Science explores Earth and its resources as well as Astronomy, weather and climate. Finally, in Physical Science students will learn about matter, energy & motion. Students will practice using the steps of the scientific method while exploring these new topics and performing experiments. Students will also be expected to maintain their science notebook.

Social Studies:

This year, the emphasis is on Native Americans, explorers, the early history of the Americas, and colonial times.


We have special classes including Art, Physical Education, Spanish, Library, and Computer. We also can be in the school choir.