Your child’s success in the fourth grade this year is of optimum importance to me as their teacher. To guarantee your child’s continued success in school, I have listed my expectations for my students. If you have any need to contact me for any reason this year, please call the school office and leave your name, phone number, and short message. When we all work together toward a common goal – Your Child – we can’t help but succeed.

My Expectations of my Students:

  • Fourth graders will be RESPECTFUL of their classmates as well as adults in and outside the classroom
  • Fourth graders will COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS on time, show EFFORT in their work, and ASK QUESTIONS when they are in doubt.
  • Fourth Graders shall come to class with PROPER SCHOOL SUPPLIES.
  • Fourth graders are RESPONSIBLE for THEIR WORK and THEIR ACTIONS; thus continuing to grow and mature in responsibility.
  • Fourth graders will be RESPECTFUL OF GOD by not talking in church, paying attention and participating at mass in words and song.
  • Fourth graders will use COMPLETE SENTENCES and PARAGRAPHS when responding to questions on written work. (classwork as well as homework)

Classroom Subjects, Descriptions, and Assignments:


Children in the fourth grade will be required to learn the proper responses used at mass. They will also be required to successfully recite their classroom morning and afternoon prayers as well as other selected prayers. Children will also be encouraged to learn their 10 Commandments, 8 Beatitudes, Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Church Seasons of the Year, and the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary.


Composed of the following subject areas: English Grammar, Reading, Spelling, Writing, and Phonics. Our literature reading program encompasses all the disciplines in one book.

Each reading section involves your child in working at building new vocabulary through discovering their meanings, then using these new words in various ways, such as completing a story or identifying its base word.

Reading Comprehension is tested and reinforced through a variety of means, some being, recalling story facts, predicting outcomes to stories, sequencing events, and making inferences using a story.

English grammar in the reading workbook corresponds well with the current Voyages in English textbooks being used this year to supplement the grammar topics covered in our Invitations To Literacy Reading Stories.


Spelling is an important part of the reading / language arts series. Spelling units are based on themes, such as words with short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, etc. The Literacy Activity Book (Workbook) offers students a variety of activities to use in learning their new weekly words.Lastly, writing is encouraged and reinforced through paragraph writing, introducing different forms of writing, such as writing a personal narrative, persuasive essay, a story, a description, or working on a research paper.Through student involvement in all aspects of language arts the goal of a more literate and informed student is being encouraged.