Ms. Amanda Goczkowski

Our learning environment in second grade encourages active participation on the part of each child. Children learn as they explore, observe, and interact with each other. They are encouraged to express themselves through art, writing, music and so much more! We also encourage your child to learn how to be a better person through our religious program. We look forward each year to our sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion, where students get to share in God’s love.


This year, your child will be learning about God’s love and Jesus’ life on Earth. They will listen to Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments and will have various activities to reinforce the stories. The second grade will also be receiving their First Reconciliation and Holy Communion. Our pastor, Father Maina, will help us prepare for our Sacraments when makes his weekly visit to our classroom.

​Students will have many opportunities to strengthen their Catholic identity throughout the year. Throughout the year, second grade will attend Mass as a class. We will sit with our prayer buddies and learn the parts of Mass throughout the school year. Second grade will also be responsible for putting together prayer services and Masses for the school community throughout the school year.

​Reading/Language Arts:

Throughout the year your child will be reading new and fun stories. Every week is a new story, filled with different skills we will be learning. We will use a variety of hands on tools and strategies for reading comprehension and at the end of each unit they will be assessed with writing and comprehension tests. Second grade loves to read! We will foster our love for reading and will have many fun opportunities for reading, such as our monthly book reports!


Our reading and spelling programs are completely integrated and each reading story includes a spelling list. On Mondays a pre-test is given so that the children can become familiar with the words and they will have their spelling test on Friday. Throughout the week, your child will have a variety of fun spelling activities such as working with SpellingCity as well as spelling homework exercises.


We use the D’Nealian form of writing. This form of printing is a precursor to the cursive your child will learn later in the year.


This year, your child will build on their basic knowledge of simple one- and two-digit addition and subtraction. We will work with word problem solving, regrouping in addition and subtraction, and eventually at the end of the year, with multiplication readiness.


This year, second grade will introduce concepts such as living and non-living things, the three states of matter, color and light, prehistoric life, and germs. Your little scientist will be learning all about the Scientific Method and how to apply it.

​Social Studies:

Students will be learning about communities. Map and globe skills are emphasized, as well as an introduction to geography. We will also spend some time learning about various patriotic and cultural holidays.

​Specials Classes:

Second graders have Spanish, Art, Music, Technology, and Physical Education classes.