St. Catherine Labouré School Principal Letter​

Jodi Reuter — Principal SCL

Welcome to St. Catherine Labouré School!  We have been offering a high quality Catholic education to the Glenview area for more than 50 years.

Academic excellence is one of the hallmarks of SCL  – our students regularly score “ready” or ‘exceeding” on ACT / Aspire testing.  This remarkable achievement is only possible due to the close collaboration of supportive, energetic families and dedicated, highly skilled teachers.  Our students are the focus of our school, and we take great pride in graduating well-educated, well rounded, and well cared for young men and women.

If you are a current SCL family, I remind you that my door is always open.  If you are considering joining our SCL family, please feel free to stop by anytime or call (847) 724-2240.  We would be happy to show you all that makes our school a wonderful place to be.

~Jodi Reuter — Principal

Our Mission Statement

St. Catherine Labouré School teaches the values of Jesus and the Catholic Church in an atmosphere of love in a family-like atmosphere.

Teachers impart fundamental academic skills, the joy of learning, a positive sense of self-awareness, and a community spirit, while recognizing each student’s individuality and importance.

St. Catherine Labouré School is proud of its past. With the support of parents and the parish community, and with guidance from the Holy Spirit, we anticipate the future with faith and determination.

Our Philosophy

St. Catherine Labouré School is a Catholic Community dedicated to learning, prayer, liturgy and service. We are committed to the development of each student as a person with unique abilities and needs.

Recognizing the parent as the primary teacher, St. Catherine Labouré School fosters a strong home-school partnership in order to provide quality education for each student.

Our Catholic School environment promotes intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, and social growth while nurturing the self-esteem and self-confidence so vital to learning. Each student is encouraged to realize his or her full potential through inquiry, creativity, and action.

Through integration of academic competency and spiritual values, the student is challenged to be a concerned and active individual in church and society, present and future.